Are you having trouble finding what to wear for that holiday party or event? Le Prix is here to help. We offer stylist services to help you find a perfect look for any occasion. As you're probably thinking aren't they expensive? Well at Le Prix we offer $54 an hour (an extra fee may apply if you are outside of KW though). That's an awesome deal that is very affordable. To find more details on our offering of stylist services, click here.

Knowing Your Type

1. Stylists know what pieces go with different body types. You might not know what pieces goes with your body type but they do. They have a lot of experience styling all body types so they know what compliments you.

Helpful Styling Advice

2. They can give you good advice and tips on how to wear different pieces. This can be helpful for future events or just everyday. You will gain some more styling knowledge which can help you find outfits more easier than before. 

Finding The Perfect Pair

3. They know what types of pieces suit you and your style. Sometimes there are pieces that don't go well with, or really compliment another piece. Certain pieces can either make or brake your look. Sometimes you might not notice, or even know. But we'll help you out in finding the right pieces that you're excited to wear.


Have any questions on our stylist service? Give us a shout on our Facebook Messenger.

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