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Eco Pretty Upcycled Navy Elephant T-Shirt - Large

Eco Pretty

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Eco Pretty Upcycled Navy Elephant T-Shirt - Large - Le Prix Fashion & Consulting
Eco Pretty Upcycled Navy Elephant T-Shirt - Large - Le Prix Fashion & Consulting

Eco Pretty Canada was created to become part of the Circular Fashion Process where extending the life of clothing can make a huge difference to resource impact. By using previously owned items as the base of our creations, we hope to offer the opportunity for more people to shop sustainably and eco-consciously. We hand stencil our products using environmentally friendly fabric ink and use thrifted or repurposed tools in nearly every stage of our creative process.  By bringing these products and practices to our customers we are reducing air and water pollution, textile waste, and saving on water and energy required to manufacture new clothing. We believe in discovering hidden potential, making things pretty while taking care of our planet. By purchasing EcoPretty products you can help reverse the dangerous trend of fast fashion and feel confident that you are taking one very important step in reducing your own ecological footprint on this beautiful planet.

  • Label:¬†GAP
  • Size:¬†Large
  • Material: 60% Pima Cotton, 40% Modal
  • Care: Machine Wash Cold Delicate Cycle,¬†Air Dry

All items are handmade in Guelph, ON using sustainably sourced materials. All production is waste-free ♥ Sustainable + Ethical

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