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Gua Sha Natural Jade Stone - Conflict Free

Muse Self Care

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Gua Sha Natural Jade Stone - Conflict Free
Gua Sha Natural Jade Stone - Conflict Free
Gua Sha Natural Jade Stone - Conflict Free

 Gua Sha: an energy and massage therapy of traditional Chinese medicine for a lifting & detoxifying effect. The technique is based on an ancient healing technique called Gua Sha, which was first referred to in a classical Chinese medicine text called the Shan Han Lun dated 220 CE. Originally, practitioners wanted to obtain ‘Sha’—redness that encourages the skin to heal itself.


Sweet Almond 

Sacha Inchi

Sea Buckthorn


Vitamin E



Massage muscular fascia & the lymphatic system using different edges & angles of the stone to adapt to the shape of your face.

Apply a dime-size puddle of facial oil and then use the tool over your entire face, neck and décolletage. It helps on days you really desire facial massage or need to reduce puffiness like your jawline. It isn’t hard to use at all—you simply just apply a little bit of pressure and scrape (not as harsh as it sounds) the skin to move the muscles and tissues underneath. Use a combination of short and long strokes across the areas that need it. 1

Always begin in the center of your face and move outwards with gentle pressure in short even strokes.
Massage from the center of your face by your nose towards cheeks. Then proceed to massage down the chin and up the forehead. 

Roll down the sides of the neck and towards the clavicle to move fluid built up in the face towards the body’s center where they can be more effectively processed.



Smooth out skin

Improve dark circles & eye puffiness

Relieve facial & jaw muscle tension 

Detoxify & restore skin's glow

It is great for lifting and sculpting the face, but it also can release tightness in certain areas like your jaw. It helps stimulate blood flow (which leads to brighter skin) and collagen production (if you’re concerned about skin volume and firmness). The process can also stimulate lymphatic flow and drainage, releasing excess fluids that can make the complexion look a little, well, inflated.



7 mL in a glass bottle

Based in Toronto, and started in KW.

BIPOC Female Founder



All of Muse Self Care Jade Gua Sha stones are made from ethical and authentic jade. As a huge lover of crystal healing they understand the importance of the energetic properties and good vibes that are absorbed into the crystals which is why they worked hard to find suppliers that transparently showed their creation process using nephrite jade rather than the Jadeite type of Jade that is mined in Myanmar that has caused conflict. Due to the great cultural value of Jade in China, especially of the traditional Gua Sha, the government regulates the mining process to adhere to all regulations.

Each gua sha stone comes with an informational card for use and care. And a white organza for storage.


Muse's Mission

At Muse, we believe that Mother Nature is the OG beauty guru. All around the world different cultures have passed down ancient beauty regimens using natural ingredients & now those beauty secrets are being passed down to you. 

Vegan, Eco-friendly & Sustainable products prove that self-care does not have to be selfish! Nourishing your skin with superfoods will provide all the nutrients and minerals to soothe skin & #LETYOURINNERGLOWGROW

At Muse Self-care, we are working to bring you natural products that support your holistic journey of self-love & growth. The first step on this journey is taking the time for self-exploration.

Recycle Program

Send back or drop off your empty tubes & packaging at Le Prix and Muse Self Care will sanitize, clean and re-use all the packaging. But we get it if you’ll want to keep the gorgeous bottles for yourself.

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