5 Ways to Support Local Businesses Beyond Shopping

5 Ways to Support Local Businesses Beyond Shopping

The economy is tough right now and a lot of people are having to dial back their spending budgets. We are optimistic that it will improve, but we know that so many people are struggling right now. So what can you do if you can’t afford to shop right now? 

#1 Share the social media posts of your favourite businesses, like Le Prix, in your stories, or with friends. This will help us be seen by other people who might be able to shop right now. 

#2 If you do need something – like if you got a new job and need business casual clothes – consider supporting female-owned local businesses, like Le Prix. This means that you can support local businesses who are also feeling the impacts of the current economy much more than bigger corporations. It keeps money in your community and supports great initiatives like sustainability.

#3 Like, comment, save, and share social media posts. The algorithm on most social media platforms boosts content based on their engagement. Engaging with the content of your favourite local businesses will help us be seen by other people, and it is a great way to support us even in you’re not able to shop right now. 

#4 – Spread the word in other ways, like telling people you know that we exist, by telling people where you bought your stuff (e.g., if you’re wearing something you bought from Le Prix). 

#5 – Make a wish list of things on our website or ask for gift cards for celebrations like birthdays, weddings, and Christmas.
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