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Eastern Europe Shopping Trip: Part 1 - Czech Republic

Wow, so I (Robyn) published my travel experiences on my old blog in March 2014, and it seems like ages ago! So much at Le Prix has evolved. But here I'll be writing a 5-part blog series looking at my trip to Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary, and Austria to source beautiful pieces and explore.

Let the Travels Begin: Part 1

My first leg of the trip was a flight from Toronto landing in Warsaw, Poland headed to the Prague Airport. My boyfriend (Gary) was studying and working for eight months in Czech Republic so of course I was going to visit him and make a shopping trip out of it. 
 I guess it's fun to mention I was arriving on Valentine's Day and then my birthday is the day after. This trip actually started somewhat of a tradition for me to be traveling for my birthday. My 24th was in Czech Republic, 25th was in Spain, 27th in Cuba...  you get the point.
Here I'm feeling a little tired but definitely excited for three weeks of traveling and shopping for Le Prix. And reuniting with my boyfriend who I hadn't seen in two months.

Hello Czech Republic 

When I got off the plane in Prague, my amazing boyfriend was waiting for me with a red rose at the Arrivals gate.

It was such a relief to finally get there. We headed to our hostel private room to drop off my luggage and go out for dinner that he planned for us in Prague. 

Our destination ended up being the Old Town Square, you can see in the picture above. We scored the best seat possible under heated lamps on the patio (red arrow) right across from the famous Clock. Thank goodness Europeans eat late because we arrived around 23:00, to celebrate Valentine's Day and onto my 24th birthday! The meal was scrumptious and thanks to the conversion rate, inexpensive for an elegant dinner.
To our surprise, a flash mob choir showed up between us and the Clock Tower. It couldn't have been any more perfectly timed. 

February 15 - My Birthday!

We got up and explored the city all day. The tram helped us get around the city and we went to the famous St. Charles Bridge.
Just my luck, I found a gorgeous pair of pyrite sparkly stud earrings at a market while strolling the city, which matched the gorgeous locket Gary gave my for my birthday (with an adorable photo of us on your last trip to Niagara Falls). 
After getting ready for a night on the town, we wandered around until we found a bar with the right vibe we were looking for. A nice treat unfolded when we were on the dance floor of a club called James Dean, when Gary showed off some new dance moves he learned from his Portuguese friends, where he was spinning and dipping me. That was a perfect topper to an absolutely amazing day!
We went to see the gorgeous Prague Castle and the ornate design was amazing. But needless to say we went in Winter so it was a bit chilly.
So we wandered until we found a place for lunch and we stumbled upon this cute hole-in-the-wall restaurant. I was a bit chilled so I was definitely appreciative of the sheepskin chair covers. But most of all, I remembered finding my absolute favourite Czech potato soup here. My mouth still waters now thinking about it.
We had fun being tourists too. We visited an Ice Bar in Czech Republic and enjoyed some drinks among ice sculptures and great music (above).
The day after, there was a joint celebration for my birthday and another friend. In their residence, they have party rooms you can book equipped with a bar. We had a party and then headed over to the campus night club for a night of dancing.
I found so many gorgeous silk scarves on that trip and beautiful knits. I was traveling in February to March so the cooler weather didn't offer much of Summer wear. I always love seeing the designs and styles in each country I go to. 
Stay tuned to hear about the next leg of my journey.

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