9 Tips for Thrift Store Shopping, Le Prix Style

9 Tips for Thrift Store Shopping, Le Prix Style

At Le Prix, we want your shopping experience to be as comfortable, fun, and accessible as possible. We have a bunch of tips that can help you prepare for your shopping experience. So what are our tips? Keep reading to find out. 

When thrift store shopping, helpful tip are… 

#1 Know what the specialty of the store is.

Here at Le Prix, our specialty is high quality, second hand (AKA pre loved) clothing, as well as skin care products and a select amount of new clothing items that are all made ethically, sustainably, and with the wellbeing of the planet and humans in mind. We hold values around self-love, sustainability, and inclusion.

#2 Get inspiration online (AKA our website, Pinterest)

We’re always here to help you find the perfect thing in store, but some people feel more comfortable getting inspiration online before shopping. You can look on Pinterest for outfit inspiration, or check out our website for specific items you might be looking for. 

#3 Create a budget. 

Having a budget can be so helpful. While thrifted fashion is typically more budget conscious anyway, it can be helpful to know if you plan to spend $25 or $250 so that you can decide what items to prioritize when you’re shopping. 

#4 Consider booking Robyn for a stylist appointment.

Our wonderful owner, Robyn, is also a stylist, and she is so very talented. You can book a stylist session with her. She helps with a range of things including:

  • Going through your closet and helping you plan what you need.
  • Picking new clothes that will help you feel good, comfortable, and confident in your postpartum body.
  • Putting together an outfit, or even outfits, for a special occasion, a new job, or your day-to-day life.

#5 Thrift with a friend, family member, or partner

Shopping with family and friends, or a partner, can be such a fun way to maximize your enjoyment of your thrift shopping experience. You can even make a day of it – sandwiches at Vincenco’s, thrifting at Le Prix, and a new plant at Gold Leaf Botanicals

#6 Evaluate your wardrobe and skin care needs; create a wish list.

Having a wish list can be so helpful; maybe you’re just generally looking for sweaters… but maybe you specifically want a blue sweater. 

My top 5 wish list items right now are these:



#7 Do you have items you can tailor? Or are some things ready to donate?

Our bodies change and that’s totally normal and natural; maybe you have pants that are too long or a dress that’s a bit too loose. There is a tailor we absolutely love at Swift Switch Tailor & Dry Cleaner.

Did you know that we accept donations? When you donate clothing to Le Prix, you will get a 20% discount on a future purchase. You could even bring those clothes with you when your shopping and get a discount right away. 

#8 Dress comfortably. 

What will be easiest to take on and off while trying on clothes? Often comfy pants and a top are the easiest; that way if you’re trying on tops or bottoms you don’t have to get totally undressed. If you’re planning on wearing a dress, you can always use a top in store for tying on bottoms, or vice versa. It's also wise to pick places like Le Prix that have changerooms available to be able to have privacy and the ability to try on clothes in-store.

#9 We restock weekly!

Knowing when thrift stores restock can be really helpful because, naturally, we don’t have multiple sizes of our clothes in stock, which means that you might be seeking out a particular style and a particular size and will want to keep and eye on that. 

Visit the New! section of our website.

You can even make requests if we don’t have what you want, and we can try to stock items like that. 


We hope that we will see you in store (or chat with us online for online shopping) soon. We’re always here to help and answer any questions or to help you pick out your new outfit. 

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