Hours & Parking

Walk-Ins Welcome. Curbside Payment & Pick-Up Still Available

Find more details and updates on Our Prevention Policy for COVID-19 page.

We CAN HAVE WALK-INS! You can still shop online, curbside, and virtually (video chat) when available. Can't wait to have you in-store again!

181 Park Street, Waterloo 



Our fulfillment and customer service times (when we pack up your orders and communicate with you) are the same as the hours above. This means if you make an order Saturday evening, you'll have to wait until Tuesday to hear back from us. Thank you for understanding we need a break too. 

Hugs, and stay safe.


    Driving To Our Boutique?

    Please use one of the four FREE parking spots located behind our boutique. They are marked as reserved for Le Prix so they are easy to spot.

    Le Prix parking