5 Reasons You Need A Wardrobe Stylist

5 Reasons You Need A Wardrobe Stylist

It's never a surprise when I am asked what I do as a stylist. Sometimes people think I do hair, or interior decorating. If you haven't had experience with a fashion stylist, it seems like something only super wealthy people can afford, and people who go to parties and events need. But in reality, Le Prix's goal is to promote sustainability and self-love to everyone and help every woman look and feel confident and able to take on the world. That's why my styling rates are totally reasonable. And to be honest, I love every minute of it. Since I was little, I would take apart my closet and try to re-organize it and make new outfits of what I already had.

The Top Perks of Hiring a Stylist

1. You'll Make Space

You'll be surprised at how few items are actually utilized in your closet. Clutter is not your friend for mixing and matching outfits, and it definitely will make you forget what you have. You'll be guided to help find the pieces you love, that look great on you and say goodbye to your not-so-favourites. Because who has time to sift through pieces they don't even like?

2. You'll Love Every Piece

If not, why are you wasting prime closet real estate? You should feel excited about the pieces you own and want to wear them. This way, you'll go into your closet and you'll know how to wear each piece and not feel like you have nothing to wear.

3. You'll Shop Smarter

With the help of identifying where your closet needs some support, you'll be given an idea of key versatile pieces you can benefit from. Then you'll also know what you have already, and not buy something almost identical. You'll be given a fresh perspective on pieces you already have. I can't count how many times I've heard, "Wow! I never would have thought of that".

4. You'll Be Excited To Strut Your Stuff

I am all about making my clients feel like the boss babe they truly are. You should be excited to wear your clothes, and go out into the world and feel like you can take on anything and pursue your passions. Your stylist will be your cheerleader.  If you feel pretty, you'll stand taller, carry yourself with more purpose and confidence and people are going to notice. 

5. You'll Be Less Wasteful

Sometimes I see clients ready to get rid of a wardrobe item since they haven't worn it in forever, but it is a nice piece. I can help you put pieces together that are unexpected and beautiful. It just takes a creative eye to make it work. No need to get rid of everything you don't wear, unless it's unflattering, over-worn, or you truly hate it. 

Still not sure? Check out what our clients are saying about Le Pirix .

 What else would you hire a stylist for? Pretty much anything related to fashion is what I can do. My services have kept expanding since I've been asked to do various things such as clothing swaps, capsule wardrobes, photo shoot styling... you name it. Plus, when you shop in-store it's free and you'll have access to a stylist (Robyn!) who can suggest pieces from Le Prix to make the perfect outfit. Check out more information here, and book an appointment.

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