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6 Reasons Why You Should Wear a Tiger Print

Robyn Hobbs

Every piece of clothing at Le Prix that features a tiger has been beloved and coveted. And after doing a quick search, Animal Planet had some fascinating tiger symbols from around the world that can help you channel courage and strength during this interesting year.

  1. The tiger is one of the12 Chinese Zodiac Animals. People born in the year of the tiger are thought to be competitive, self-confident, and brave.
  2. As a spirit animal, the meaning for the tiger is said to be willpower, courage, and personal strength.
  3. Tiger print in Tantric Buddhism represents the transformation of anger into wisdom and insight, and is thought to protect the meditator from outside harm or spiritual interference.
  4. Some recognize tigers and dragons as powerful symbols representing the balanced forces of yin and yang.
  5. The Chinese god of wealth, Tsai Shen Yeh, is often shown sitting on top of a tiger to emphasize his power.
  6. In Hinduism, warrior goddess Durga is often depicted riding a tiger while carrying weapons.

Shop this All Saints designer dress I got in Miami, Florida and with the dark distressed look, its perfect for Fall layering.

All Saints Leopard Distressed Asymmetrical Dress - S/M

 all saints tiger print dress

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