6 Self-Love Practices During Social-Distancing

6 Self-Love Practices During Social-Distancing

by Keira Gagné

Angry. Anxious. Scared. Bored. These are just a few words to describe how, I am sure, we are all feeling during this difficult time of social-distancing. My first day in quarantine was pretty stressful. I found myself constantly worrying about the implications of Covid-19 and visiting every news website looking for information. The next day, I realized I had two choices. I could continue to spend my extra time worrying about the current situation or I could use it as an opportunity to practice some self-love. I chose the self-love route and it has brought me a little bit of joy each day. Here are the 6 ways that I have been practising self-love: 


I have the BIGGEST sweet tooth from growing up baking for the holidays. During this time it was a natural move for me to pick up this hobby again. I have taken the opportunity to try out some new recipes such as Key Lime pie and baking multiple batches of the classic Chocolate Chip Cookie!   

baking for self-care

Working Out

Let’s just say that my New Year’s resolution for 2020, to work out more, wasn’t exactly going as planned. Being quarantined at home has given me the chance to put that back on track. I have made sure that I have been doing some form of exercise each day. While some days this means doing a hard-core HIIT workout, other days it means something more low key such as going for a walk around my neighbourhood or yoga via video-chat with friends.  

at home workout self care covid-19

Video Chats

Who says you can’t be social when practising “social-distancing?” I have made video chatting with friends and even family a priority while in quarantine. While we are unable to physically be with the people we love, it is still very important to take the time to connect with them. We are fortunate enough to have access to the internet and various apps. With technology, it has been possible for me to see, talk, and play online games with my loved ones. 

Online Shopping at Le Prix

Being in quarantine, I have adjusted to shopping entirely online. Robyn has been hard at work adding new arrivals to her website and scheduling contactless curbside pick-ups so that the rest of us can still enjoy her curated pieces. Le Prix has stylish and sustainable options for all my social-distancing needs.

online shopping leprix

 DIY Manicure

The moment spring arrives I go and get a bright manicure to match the season. With being in quarantine, I have had to DIY it. To make it a spa-like experience, I have stepped up my game. I start with soaking my hands in warm water, then I move onto filing my nails and finish with painting them a fun, summer hue. It has been a joy to have the time to complete this entire activity myself and just be with my thoughts. 

at home manicure

Dance it out 

When all else fails I have taken a cue from Robyn. I blast a playlist on the speaker to throw myself a #leprixdance party for one! There is nothing like playing fun, energetic music to pull me out of a funk that soon has me dancing around my kitchen. 

* * *

While we are still in uncertain times, we can all find ways to practice self-love. With these practices, I have managed to change a stressful situation into an enjoyable one. I hope that you are able to follow my lead in practising self-love. Not only as a coping method but as a means to bring some joy into your everyday quarantine life. 

sustainable made shirt Le Prix Keira Gagne

Thank you, Robyn and fellow Le Prix lovers for having me as a guest on Le Prix’s Le Blog!  Feel free to comment below. I would love to hear how you are practising self-love during social-distancing? 

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