Fall Coats You Need Right Now

Fall Coats You Need Right Now

Le Prix Fall Coats

I keep hearing from people that they don’t have a Fall coat. So they are busting out their Winter ones already. Especially with this forecasted super chilly winter (-40C), that’s a bad call.

So I’m trying to highlight the perfect pieces you need right now. A great utility jacket that cuts the cold gusty winds, and keeps you dry is the perfect solution. Remember, it’s all about the fabrics and layers.

Cole Haan Jacket

There is nothing worse than being warm outside and then totally boiling in the clothes you wore when you’re inside.

You can wear your favourite shirt, then pair it with a sweater (hoodie, pullover, or even blazer), and toss on a Fall coat. Umbrellas are essential on rainy Fall days to keep you dry. Wet hands and feet can chill your body to the bone.

 Le Prix North Face Jacket

I love how authentically happy Mischa looks in our North Face jacket (Psst it’s on sale!). Don't you want to be this happy when you buy something?

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