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Handmade Sustainable and Ethical Jewelry and Handbags from Laos

So Excited to announce we’ve partnered with ANOTHER amazing local, female-led sustainable business!

Help me welcome ethical and upcycled company: A Million Elephants to the Le Prix family.

About the brand: They are a social enterprise that works with artisans & NGOs in various villages in Laos to create handcrafted modern jewelry, Lao Vine tote bags and other products.

Founder Brittany Petrie (based in Kitchener Waterloo) founded the company to share her love of her Lao heritage with people from around the world.

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Handcrafted Unique + Sustainable

Unexploded Explosive Ordnance (UXO) jewelry pieces are handcrafted in Laos from recycled military grade aluminum. The metal is a combination of bombs, plane parts, and other aluminum scrap metal from the Vietnam War era.

The woven pouches are handmade from 100% kudzu vine that grows wildly in northern Laos and natural indigo dye. 

This chic eco-friendly pouch is perfect for those looking for an organic and completely natural product. Use as a make up bag or wallet, as well as storing your everyday necessities or for travelling. 

Seriously, how amazing is this brand!? And the part of me that loves serendipity… I met Britt at a charity fashion show we both sponsored and had pop-up shops. Two years later, to the DAY, her line is carried in the shop and online at Le Prix.

Shop the collection in-store and online now

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