The Trendsetter Gift Guide

The Trendsetter Gift Guide

For Those Who Love To Try New Fashion Looks

This one is for all your mothers, daughters, sisters, girlfriends and whoever else loves to stand out in a crowd. We have the perfect little gift guide that has some stylish dresses, jewelry, handbags and more. We chose unique pieces that we think a stylish fashionista would love to rock!


Picture this dress with a white long sleeve, some beautiful gold statement earrings and black heels. What a daring outfit, perfect for a daring soul. 
The fashionista only needs to add some black tights and a cute ankle boot and they're set. If they get a little chilly they can always bring a cute black cardigan or cozy sweater. But they probably already know this!
 Is it a blazer or is it a dress? How cool would this look as a blazer though. They can definitely rock it both ways!
The only thing this dress is missing in the winter is a pair of tights and a thick cozy sweater. 


Alrighty, now this clutch can literally spice any outfit up! If you know someone with a daring style, imagine them having this shocker in their collection. 
It's casual but yet dressy. One of those bags that you can literally dress up or down depending on your mood.
French and vintage! What more does a fashionista need? This classic clutch is perfect for spicing up an outfit. 


They can always mix some gold with silver. That's the new thing. So that means you can never go wrong with jewelry, and especially not with this statement ring. 
The traditional gold bangle that adds lots of flavour to any outfit. 
If they enjoy wearing statement earrings they would definitely love a bright purple earring in order to contrast big cozy sweaters. Earrings can really make an outfit, so you can never go wrong purchasing something like this for a trendsetter. 


To be fair the scarf and the sunglasses below make a perfect pair. So if you're debating on what to get your fashionista sista frand, you can always get them both. 
Just like earrings, fashionistas love to wear statement sunglasses and these bold leopard frames are perfect for that! 


Honestly, if you're considering buying the scarf and glasses, you might as well add the faux fur coat as these three items create a memorable look. Miss trendy will definitely stand out in a  crowd that way. The faux fur is also extremely warm for this Canadian weather. 
We couldn't decide which jacket to include in the trendy gift guide so we had to go for both. But this jacket is perfect if the fashionista loves to layer. They can just throw on a turtleneck, a sweater, a thick scarf and this jacket and they are set. 
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