Stocking Stuffers Under $15

Stocking Stuffers Under $15

Small But Mighty Gifting Favourites

Here are our top picks for fun stocking stuffers that are sustainable, fun and under $15!


These earrings are so cute and a perfect addition as a stocking stuffer because who doesn't want pink sustainable studs! ;)
If you know a star then they deserve some star earrings! Drop these in as a stocking stuffer and leave a little note telling them why they're a star!
If you love them, show them by gifting them over sized hearts! You don't just love them, you F****** ADORE THEM!
What a cute ring and it's only $10.  
A gold bangle is always a statement bracelet. So if you know someone who's into statement jewelry then this bracelet is perfect for them!
Lilac is such a beautiful soft tone. And it looks beautiful against the skin!
Another statement piece. This necklace would look beautiful on a plain white tee. So if you know anyone looking to spice up their outfit, they would appreciate this!


You can never go wrong with scrunchies because they can only ever enhance outfits! Plus scrunchies are actually better for tying hair because they do not damage hair!



What a sweet gift! It truly is important to keep skin moisturized int he winter and with this little lotion bar, it's just so easy! 
Bamboo brushes are for anyone looking to start using more sustainable items. But really we should all ditch plastic toothbrushes and use bamboo! 
I love receiving different kinds of soap because its fun to test out how they feel on your skin. But if you know someone who appreciates natural products, they would love this soap. It's super gentle and can even be used on sensitive skin! 
This one is fun! This actually melts away in your shower from the hot steam and releases essential oils which are calming and relaxing! This is perfect for someone who loves essentials oils and calming showers. 
These little guys are reusable and come with a laundry pouch so they're super easy to use and wash! 
This is for anyone that wantsa  good quality long lasting and CUTE grocery bag!
Tis' the season to wear masks, so you can never go wrong with a reusable face mask! 

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