Cozy Lover Gift Guide

Tina Sucevic

Gift the Feeling of a Cozy Hug

Tis' the season to be cozy fa-la-la-la-la-la-la! Shop at Le Prix and be jolly fa-la-la-la-la-la! 


This is for anyone who loves to wear dresses in the winter and doesn't mind throwing on a pair of tights and a cute sweater up top to keep warm! 
Another cozy dress that they can wear with some leggings or tights and feel super comfy! 
They can also wear a t-shirt dress and just make sure they put on a nice warm turtleneck underneath!


The perfect sweater to throw on if they're chilly or just want to feel more cozy! 
Turtlenecks are my favourite because its so hard to be cold in them! 
This cozy sweater is easy to throw on over any outfit if they want to dress it up or if they're feeling chilly!
Oversized is the new thing! Everyone loves oversized because it's the coziest you will ever feel! 
This sweater is easy to dress up or down based on what they're feeling. 
Two of our favourite things, cashmere AND turtlenecks. This sweater is perfect for the winter became cashmere is super soft and can keep them very warm! 
This is another sweater that is super easy to throw on over any outfit! The buttons really add some spice to this sweater so its perfect for any fashionistas out there! 
You can't go wrong with cotton! This sweater is super baggy and cozy but can also be dressed up if they're planning on going out! 
The perfect oversized soft sweater for the winter. It's big, its colourful and its lined with fleece which is SO SOFT and SO WARM!
This is a cute sweater that's perfect for the holidays. It's so festive and they can totally dress is up with a cute pleated skirt and some knee high boots! 


These are some comfy joggers that will definitely keep them warm this coming winter! 
Oh the baggy, comfy, jogger! Who doesn't want pants that they can slip right on after ripping off their work clothes. At least thats what I do!
These are some next level bottoms. These are a blessing in disguise BECAUSE they are comfortable and loose BUT you can literally dress them up for a night out!  

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