How Le Prix is a The Most Sustainable Women's Fashion Shop in Kitchener Waterloo

Le Prix is all about green initiatives!  Where do we start?
We carry sustainable second-hand fashion, plus upcycled and zero-waste produced products. All packaging for purchases is 100% recycled paper and 40%+ post-consumer content. We choose not to brand these bags so they can be reused as gift bags post-purchase.  Advertising postcards are also printed in recycled paper.
Le Prix's shipping packaging is also 100% recycled. If it's a local order, it is delivered by zero-emissions delivery. Products are pre-washed and use high-efficiency washing machines and plant-based earth-friendly laundry detergent. Most pieces are air-dried, and if they need to be dry cleaned, Le Prix uses GreenEarth dry cleaning system at a local dry cleaner in Kitchener-Waterloo which is non-toxic and non-hazardous because it uses liquid silicone that is made from sand.
We also use a digital system that also offers e-mailed receipts to reduce paper waste. And of course, we recycle. This last one seems like a no brainer, but still worth mentioning.
Even our decor is mostly second-hand, to add to the appeal of beauty in uniqueness. That's just within our business operation.
Le Prix Founder and Owner Robyn Hobbs has two Environmental Studies degrees with a Master's thesis looking at Understanding the Influencers of Second-Hand Apparel Shopping Behavior. She represents Le Prix in the community and speaks at high-schools, Universities and other organizations about sustainable fashion. 
We are always looking for collaborations to make the fashion industry and business we do more sustainable. Please feel free to connect if you have any ideas.

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