Le Prix Travels to Costa Rica

Le Prix Travels to Costa Rica

I am so excited to say that I will be travelling around Costa Rica December 7th to 17th. You can still shop online, but please keep in mind fulfilment and deliveries will not be going out until I return. 

With this being said, you can definitely shop in-store and online before I go, and after. I will be here to help you with all your Winter fashion, holiday gift-giving, and party outfit needs.

Follow our #leprixtravels and see all the fun stuff we see. Le Prix is having amazing Black Friday, Cyber Monday and Boxing Day Sales to help you find your favourite things for less, and clear space on the shelves so we can bring back cool things from Central America. 

Also, I really want to share how excited I am because I found this AMAZING article called, "Ready To Disconnect? This Is The Powerful Out Of Office Reply To Use" by Forbes.

I've followed the guide, I've set an amazing e-mail responder, I'm going to auto-archive my e-mails so I am not tempted, and I'm giving all my clients (like you!) a heads up that I'll be a little MIA. I'll be pretty much only using Instagram on occasion which is why the #leprixtravels is good for you to keep tabs on.


This is going to feel SOOOOO good since it's in the middle of the Black Friday and Christmas craze. When I took a full week off from my online world and literally put my phone in the safe in my room on my honeymoon the entire time, I felt so free. Gary even said that I was like my carefree 22-year-old self. If that doesn't make you want to take a break from your phone, I don't know what will. 

I love the final words by Karin Eldor in this article on Forbes.com:

Let this serve as inspiration and an important reminder that setting boundaries, being assertive in your needs, and actually disconnecting are critical to thriving in every area. 

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