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The Top 9 Accessory Hot List

Le Prix fall accessories

Fall is meant for layering, and with my help, it is going to be so much fun. You should feel excited to express your mood everyday by what you wear. So here's my guide to the hottest Fall accessories.


fall rings sterlingRINGS FOR DAYS

I love layering rings on various fingers, stacking rings on the same finger and exploring the midi ring to accent your outfit.

Fall Hat


Whether you want a laid back knitted hat, or a structured chic one, hats always add another pop of style to your outfit. Not to mention you will feel warmer and cozier going about your day wearing a cute hat. And yay for not having to do your hair on a bad hair day.

 dangle earrings


I love a dangle earring paired with a chunky knit sweater. It's the perfect combination of cozy and glam. Have fun with the chain tassel style and tons of one-of-a-kind pieces at Le Prix.



Belts are wildly underrated. You can add some style and complete a look with the addition of a fun belt. Put focus on the waist or hips with the help of one of our pretty belts

leather gloves


Leather gloves are my absolutely favourite. They are ultra feminine and so functional. They are elegant for a party, or make your casual jeans and sweater outfit look so chic. Plus they add some smooth texture you'll just want to keep touching.

western boots


The western style boot is one that we haven't seen for some time and it's so fun. It could be the original or a lower cut version showing some more leg. Pair with a skirt, and a cozy knitted sweater for the perfect everyday look.



Just because it's cooler, there's no reason not to bring your favourite summer accessories into the colder season. Rock a pair of statement sunglasses to give the perfect edge to your classic Fall look.

 gold fashion necklace choker


Image having a glow that looks lit from within. Now that's what warm gold necklaces do for your look and complexion.

fall scarves


Cozy and big is all the rage this season when it comes to scarves. We've been selling out of them like crazy and it's no wonder. It's an easy transition piece from warmer days and perfect for layer and gifting to someone special.


Let me know what your favourite layering piece is for Fall. 

Hugs and Happy Vibes, 


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