We Joined the Better Way Alliance

Robyn Hobbs

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We are proud to announce that we have joined the Better Way Alliance. What is it? Business owners for decent work. We support a $15 minimum wage, paid sick days, and fair scheduling laws. As employers, we know first-hand that thoroughly engaged employees make a big difference. They give small businesses a competitive advantage. They make small and medium-sized organizations more productive by lowering costs associated with staff turnover.

Le Prix is more than just a second-hand fashion shop. We have people discovering us because they Google "thrift store near me" or "vintage shop". But then they learn that Le Prix is more than just cute clothes. We are a social enterprise that invests time into giving back to the community. We wouldn't have it any other way. 

We speak on panels about sustainability, business, fashion, zero waste, and sponsor other collaborative initiatives. We want to work to foster sustainability and self-love and we can start that by our cleints' shopping experience.

Le Prix supporting labour laws

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