Fall is for Fashion and Wardrobe Purging

Fall is for Fashion and Wardrobe Purging

Le Prix Fall Wardrobe

A client bought his daughter the gift of two hours of style consulting by me, Robyn, at Le Prix. The best part is she got to pick how I helped her. It could be shopping, styling for Fall/Winter, and it ended up being a wardrobe purge, and stylist tips on how to make her pieces more versatile.

I had lots of fun coming in and going over each piece with her. More often than no, it’s really obvious by what my client’s tell me how they feel about a piece. Either they actually love it, or just have it maybe because it was a gift, or someone told them to buy it - but they don't really love it. At the end of the day, closet real estate is very valuable and don’t waste your space on pieces you don’t love or are looking really worn.

Le Prix Closet Overhaul

I'm realizing I should have snapped a photo of the pile of pieces she had to donate. Depending on your needs, I can provide 3 piles: Keep, Donate, and Sell. As you can see, it can get overwhelming when you have a pile of pieces to sort through.

No matter what your style is, you can always use the help of a stylist. I have some clients who love having me come in every season to help make looks out of what they own to make themselves feel their best. 

I can even make you a 'basics' shopping list to help you round out your wardrobe to make it more versatile and close to a capsule wardrobe to take lots of guessing out of how to get dressed everyday.

More and more, I am realizing that my clients love shopping at Le Prix in-store or online because I take the guess work out of shopping. I find the cutest things, curate them for you and have a working fashion knowledge to answer any of your questions. Pretty much, Le Prix is the answer for those of you who don't like shopping.

In-Person and Virtual Stylist

If you live in Southern Ontario, I'm here to help as your wardrobe stylist and I can be booked for virtual appointments too. Let me know what your biggest Fall fashion problem is below in the comments. I'm happy to help. 

Hugs and Happy Vibes, 


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