Why You Should Express Gratitude Everyday

Why You Should Express Gratitude Everyday

Expressing gratitude is so easy. It also has so many benefits including making you happier, making those around you feel appreciated, and science says you are less likely to get sick. 

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So my husband Gary and I have added expressing gratitude before any beverages or meals. It's a fun tradition we even get our friends and family in on when they are guests in our house or wherever we are sharing a meal.

Ways to Express Gratitude

Maybe gratitude is new to you, or you've been doing it for a while, but there are tons of ways to add it into your daily routine:
  • Verbally say your thanks
  • Write a thank you note (who doesn't love snail mail)
  • Keep a gratitude journal
  • Help someone out and lend a hand

Be Specific 

The key is that you need to keep it fresh. Our brains are wired to get tired of things quickly so you need to get creative and specific with what you are grateful for each time. This will help keep perspective when times are hard and great for celebrating milestones and victories.

The Benefits 

If you're trying to figure out why you should put in the extra effort or want to see your quality of life improve, gratitude helps with a plethora of things:
It's been so wonderful to add in before any sip of tea, or a treat shared with friends. And most of all it spreads gratitude, positivity, and can surprisingly bring you closer to people and get to know them more deeply.
Would you do this? Let me know what you're grateful for. I'd love to know. 
Hugs and Happy Vibes, 
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