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How to Layer in Winter

Lately I've seen too many people outside without hats or scarves and I thought I would give some tips to to layer and still stay stylish. Here to help give you some key tips on how to stay cozy and still cute when the temperature dips to ultra-freezing.

Key Wardrobe Pieces for Winter

1. Merino Wool, Cashmere or Angora Sweaters

These sometime scratchy materials are essential to stay warm in freezing, and high windchill days. But they aren't scratchy if you buy good quality pieces, and good news, we buy products for Le Prix based on how they feel. I have super sensitive skin, but somehow the way my skin acts in the cold can handle any of these fabrics. Layer another top underneath these if they bother your skin, for added warmth.

2. Silk Tops

This ties into #1, but you want breathable fabric next to your skin especially if you are layering. This helps keep sweat off you if you are actually so warm you sweat when walking outside or entering those insanely hot offices or buildings.

3. Thick Socks

The best ones I have had are Alpaca from Peru and they may not be fitted like you are used to but they work like nothing else. I have snowboard socks and still I prefer the blue hand-made Alpaca socks. You can also opt for wool socks, but keeping your toes warm is a key way to maintain overall body warmth especially if you have cute, but not-so-functional boots.

4. Mitts

This seems like something simple, but I wanted to remind you that although there are very chic gloves out there, mitts work so much better at keeping your hands warm. Plus you're ready if you want to have an impromptu snowball fight. 

5. a Cozy Scarf

Again - layers are essential. Plus it gives you a fun way to accessorize your coat that you wear everyday and may (or may not) be getting a little tired of. I just tossed on a mohair scarf today, and to be honest I was a little worried my neck would get itchy, but it didn't. So reach for those super warm (and slightly scratchy) scarves because -20°C calls for it.

6. Ski Base Layers

These work double duty. You can wear them for their intended use, but you can also wear these thin and light, but warm layers under your clothes. I recommend wearing them under your pants to avoid your thighs falling victim to windchill freezing. You will thank me later.
I hope these are all helpful for you and let me know if you have any tricks and tips to stay warm this Winter. I know it's hard to find information on Pinterest for Canadian Winter fashion ideas, that is why I am here to help!
Layer up with these Le Prix finds and take care of yourself out there.

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