Natural Eye Products For Your Skincare Routine

Natural Eye Products For Your Skincare Routine

After my mom survived Breast Cancer, we learned a lot about the toxic burden our bodies experienced from everyday products we were using. ☠️

Paring this with my Masters of Environmental Studies, and lessons from a Taiwanese family friend who had skin like a teen in her 40’s, I set out to curate a collection of products.

They needed to be good for us, the environment and those who make them. 🌿 This is what I consider sustainably and ethically made.

Molloy’s natural eye balm

These two eye products are my favorite and both have recycling programs too. ♻️

Lunar ritual natural eye oil for night

Learn more about these products and our Green Beauty line by shopping online or in-store. Your delicate eye area will thank you. And a gentle reminder that skin care is for everyone. 🧖‍♀️🧖‍♂️

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