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The Outdoorsy Lover Gift Guide

Tina Sucevic

The Outdoorsy Lover Gift Guide

This gift guide is a perfect outdoorsy bundle. We’ve included some jackets for different kinds of weather. There’s also some reusable hand warmers and lotion to keep your hands warm and silky smooth along with lots of other outdoor goodies!


This jacket is perfect for this cold Canadian winter weather that is coming our way. It's also light enough for someone who likes to exercise in the chilly weather. 
Not that it's necessarily going to be raining from here on out but why not prepare for the spring. But also you never know with this weather, its good to be prepared in general. 
Now this jacket is WARM. But its also super versatile and allows for lots of motility  but at the same time covers the butt so they're not cold. 
Hold your horses ladies and gentlemen, this jacket is detachable. Which means you can wear it whenever and wherever! This is perfect for the outdoors because its versatile and can be adjusted based on the weather ON THE SPOT!


The perfect socks under some UGG boots. Generally these are good for keeping their feet warm in the cold.
The ideal hiking backpack. It's light weight and decently sized which makes it easy to stuff and cary around. 
These little pads are microwavable and they're perfect for keeping their hands warm in the cold, dry weather! And what's even better is buying them with the lotion bars down below!
It's especially important for people to keep their hands moisturized during the winter as they are more prone to dryness and cracking. So these little bars are easy to store and carry around. 

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