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What Valentine's Day Is All About

Robyn Hobbs

While February for me means it's my birthday month, for everyone else and every store and pretty much any shop, marks the flooding of pink, red, white, hearts and teddy bears  everywhere.
As we get older, somehow Valentine's Day becomes this high pressure day about romantic love. Don't get me wrong, I do love Valentine's Day. I've celebrate it with fun activities, yummy food, loved ones and dressing festively. But it used to be a simple playful, happy, warm-fuzzy day where you'd give Valentine's and chocolates to your everyone you knew. It was when you would wear some festive colours or send a friend or crush a flower-gram. Did you do that too? Or was that just my school? What about the joy of unwrapping those foil covered chocolate hearts?
Either way, somehow a divide happened when you're 'grown-up' or at least after you hit puberty. It's become a time where it's this ultra romantic day with a crush or significant other, you hate it because it's so commercialized, sexualized, maybe you're choosing to sit this one out this year maybe because you're single or your partner isn't free.
But, I'm writing this because I want to pledge to make Valentine's Day about LOVE.
2018 so far has been pretty great about positivity, support, the Women's March and conscious lifestyles. But let's not forget we need to love, share love, give love, receive love. Love is what makes a bag day good, and what makes the world a kinder place.
If you're feeling extra lovely like my, we don't need just one day a year to make someone feel loved...  February 14th is just the beginning!
So if you're on board with making Valentine's Day about love, please comment below or better yet, share this and start sharing the love. 
P.S. if you're looking for a special treat to show some love or make someone's day check out our Valentine's Day Collection.

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