10 Ways To Practice Self Love Daily

10 Ways To Practice Self Love Daily

We all need a little reminder to love ourselves first! ❤️ Self-love is one of the most important pillars and values we aim to inspire at Le Prix. Finding ways to practice self-love daily makes a significant difference in our life’s purpose, meaning and happiness.

Here are some of the favourite ways I integrate and treat myself in my daily routines. We also have some fantastic biodegradable self-care options at Le Prix to help you give yourself some real self-love 😉

✨ 1. Have a bath. I add in a detox bath bomb and relax 

✨ 2. Treat yourself to a delicious and soothing cup of tea

✨ 3. Invest in a biodegradable toothbrush or hairbrush and feel the difference while making a difference.

✨ 4. Use a natural deodorant with beautiful fragrances that actually work! 

✨ 5. Move your body by walking or paddle-boarding (my favourite summer activity)

✨6.  Pump up the nature experience with sunshine and fresh air. 

✨ 7. Spend time journaling.

✨ 8. Read! Take time to learn from a fiction or non-fiction book.

✨ 9. Enhance your sense of smell by surrounding yourself with products, candles, essential oils or plants. My favourites are eucalyptus and vanilla. 

✨ 10. Affirmations work! I love wearing my self-love t-shirt to remind me to create Robyn time every day. 

We love helping others find ways to love themselves. Shop online to treat yourself today to some self-love focus. You deserve it! 💻



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