Book a Personal Fashion Stylist Session for 2020

Book a Personal Fashion Stylist Session for 2020

2019 is almost all booked up for wardrobe styling.

Personal wardrobe style sessions are popular right now for holiday season, and planning a new and improved self for the next decade: 2020.

I get questions about what a style session entails. It can really be anything you want it. Want some ideas?

It can be styling what you already have, organizing your wardrobe and finding ways to make getting dressed easier, or rounding out your wardrobe by finding the gaps in it. This is where I create a basic shopping list for you to get more versatility out of your existing closet.

I also do travel packing because I have years of experience of travelling with a capsule wardrobe to leave room for Le Prix purchases. Literally you can sit and drink a coffee while I pack for you. It’s happened.

Check out our Stylist Services for Women & Men page for more information.

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