5 Ways to Organize Your Closet With Le Prix Finds at Home

5 Ways to Organize Your Closet With Le Prix Finds at Home

Your closets, drawers, and other home spaces can get wild. I (Andrea) spent a ton of time this year organizing my wardrobe; there were things I hadn’t worn in wears because they didn’t fit and even if my size changed, I was never going to wear them again because they weren’t my style any more. I know I am not alone because I have talked to so many people since then about their own wardrobe organization needs. 

I’ve seen several challenges arise, depending on who I talk to. Some of the challenges, broadly speaking, are: 

#1 not really even knowing what you have in your wardrobe or what you need. 

#2 not having space for anything else; this can be doubly true if you have a small space for your wardrobe. 

#3 feeling pressure to get rid of things before you buy more

#4 sticking new clothes wherever it makes sense because that’s what you’ve always done, even if it’s not really working any more

#5 not wearing things you actually like because it gets buried under other stuff.

If you want to, and you’re ready to, there are great ways to organize your wardrobe so that you can purchase and store your amazing, thrifted Le Prix finds. 

Consider hiring Robyn as a stylist

Robyn can offer a range of stylist services, including helping you to organize your wardrobe.

Check out platforms like Pinterest for wardrobe organization ideas

Want to try to get a handle on your wardrobe on your own first? Totally understandable! There are a lot of ideas on places like Pinterest, Instagram, or Tik Tok that can give you ideas about where to start with organizing your wardrobe. 

Wardrobe Organization suggestions from Le Prix

#1 - Start with donating clothes or jewelry that you know you won’t use any more due to whatever reason (changing style, whatever) or that no longer fit you. You can add to this pile as you go, if you don’t know what fits or not or if you just have a lot to go through. If you bring stuff to Le Prix, we accept donations, and you will get a 20% discount on a future purchase.

#2 – Figure out what things can go well into drawers and what things need to be hung up. This will look a bit different for everyone

  • I know people who store their jeans and leggings in a drawer, while I personally hang my jeans, as I only have about 3 pairs, but I keep my leggings in a drawer. 
  • Dresses are typically easiest when hung up, due to their length and more frequently being made from fabrics that wrinkle; folding can cause many wrinkles
  • You can always do it by fabric type – cotton/jersey t-shirts could go in a drawer, while silk or other fabrics that wrinkle easily can be hung up
  • Sweaters can be hung up or put in a drawer – my sweaters are mostly on shelves in cabinet, not a drawer, for what it’s worth. Pro tip: delicate or heavy knits can stretch out on hangers when hung up, so definitely fold those
  • Skirts are usually easiest to hang up

#3 – Do you need more hangers? Can you get some from friends or do you need to go shopping? Once you have a good handle on what is in your wardrobe, you can figure out how many hangers you need and what type. There are different types of hangers, like multilevel ones that have 5 or so hangers one over the other, there are ones that have clips to hold pants, and others that have hooks or velvet to help keep slippery fabrics or shirts with wide necks, and so on. 

#4 – You can organize your clothes in a way that will ensure it is easy to find them. This is particularly helpful when putting things into drawers, where the items on the bottom might easily get buried and be hard to see under other clothes. One example is that I organized the shirts I keep in my drawers by putting graphic t-shirts in a stack in 1/3, t-shirts and tanks (e.g., the kind I might wear to work without graphics) in the middle 1/3, and then long sleeved shirts in the right 1/3. Depending on what you own (e.g., if you don’t have many graphic t-shirts – or none), you might want to tweak that, but hopefully this gives you food for thought.

#5 – consider what you can combine (e.g., socks + underwear? All your exercise clothes?) and what needs its own drawer (e.g., shirts?)

You can use your Pinterest/Tik Tok inspiration combined with these suggestions to see what kind of magic you can create in your wardrobe. Don't forget, Robyn is a sustainable wardrobe and fashion stylist who can help if needed. 

We hope that these tips make it easier for you to organize your wardrobe and enjoy your thrifted fashion finds at home. 

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