Habits of Self Love Every Woman Should Do

Habits of Self Love Every Woman Should Do

When it comes to developing self-love habits, there is no perfect or correct way to do it. Ways to love me might be different than your idea of ways to love you. There is no one-size-fits-all self-love formula ❤️

Just like we love others differently, we love ourselves differently. So here are some possible ways to practice self-love routines every day.. Do any of these resonate with you? 👇🏽

1️⃣ Practicing yoga, stretching or meditation

2️⃣ Writing down gratitude elements and setting affirmations for the day

3️⃣ Journal a letter to yourself, love notes to read or message reminders

4️⃣ Consider your inner child and do what she would love to do or deserves

5️⃣ Sing, Dance or Play music that makes you feel happy

6️⃣ Plan a date with yourself, such as a lovely lunch or walk, wearing an outfit that makes you feel good. 

7️⃣ Learn something new every day. For example, read a book, watch YouTube or listen to a TedTalk or podcast to make yourself a better and more aware citizen.

8️⃣ Movement leaves you feeling fabulous. I try to move my body every day.

9️⃣ Fresh air and spending time with nature is always a gift to me

🔟 Implement a self-care routine that is manageable and leaves you feeling refreshed and rejuvenated. 

How are you loving yourself today? A little retail therapy can kickstart some of these ideas! Have a look at our website for a ton of great self-love prompters! I got you! 💻



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