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Is it Worth The Price Tag? The Benefits of Natural Silk Clothing

Robyn Hobbs

This Cynthia Rowley 100% silk dress is the perfect Summer canvas.

cynthia rowley silk dress

Dress it up (like we did here) or throw on some sandals or sneakers and you'll get effortlessly comfortable.



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Why Splurge on Silk?
1.      It’s a natural fibre which comes from silkworms.
2.      Perfection isn’t cheap. As silk is a natural fibre, it has imperfections, so to groom it to make it flawless, it takes time and of course compensation for that hard work.
3.      It’s amazingly soft and polished. Perfect for sensitive skin.
4.      The fabric breathes and is perfect for moderating your body temperature.
5.      It dries quickly. Perfect for travel, or if you get a bit sweaty on those humid days.

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