Jackets To Layer With Palazzo Pants

Robyn Hobbs

So a friend of mine is planning her outfit for her bachelorette party in the new year and plans to wear a lacy bustier and high rise silver palazzo pants. And I am HERE for it!

Her dilemma is how to style it with a layering piece for January in Canada. Her favourite feature is her adorable bum so we want to make sure it's getting the attention it deserves.

So we chatted about some styles that I thought would look amazing with the pieces she already owns and this is what I came up with.

Shop Them Before They're Gone!


Algo Vintage Black Velvet Cropped Open Cardigan Jacket - Size 4 $57


Contrast Dark Wash Cropped Denim Jean Jacket - Large $43


Poof! Midnight Blue Satin Ribbed Bomber Jacket - M/L $35


Boxy Cropped White Denim Jacket - Medium $51


Danier White Genuine Leather Moto Jacket - XS/S $199


Majora Red Bomber Jacket - S/M $27


Vintage Silhouettes Red Lace Puff Sleeve Cropped Short Sleeve Blazer - S/M $33


Emblem Vintage Houndstooth Swirl Cropped Short Sleeve Jacket - Size S/M $32


Dynamite Black Stretch Cropped Blazer - XS/S $21




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