Le Prix Earth Day Community Cleanup in Waterloo

We are organizing an Earth Day Community Cleanup at Old Albert Park to help keep Waterloo clean and green!

When? Monday April 22nd at 3pm

Where? Old Albert Park (by Albert McCormick Community Centre)

To ensure a safe and successful cleanup. Review the
safety tips and guidelines before your cleanup.

  • There is free parking at the Albert McCormick Community Centre
  • Wear protective clothing including closed-toe footwear, cloth or nitrile gloves, long pants and sleeves.
  • Use provided supplies: “Only cure for litter is you” large, red garbage bags, clear bag for recyclables and cloth or nitrile gloves. Acceptable tools include your own gardening or leather gloves, plastic garbage nippers and blue bins.
  • View our interactive online map to understand the park boundary to avoid trespassing onto private property.
  • Understand that moderate physical exertion such as bending, lifting up to 20 lbs and walking on uneven terrain and within natural areas is required for this activity.
  • There is a creek that runs through the park, so waterproof footwear would  be helpful if you plan to carefully go into the creek to collect waste.
  • Be aware of your surroundings and potential hazards such as uneven ground, branch or tree failure, stinging insects or plants, and unstable or slippery ground near waterways.
  • Suspend activities when weather conditions become inclement (e.g. thunderstorms).
  • Only pick-up litter. Leave tree limbs, leaves and pinecones on the ground.
  • We have city waivers for you to sign on the day of.


For more city related details:

📍 City of Waterloo, Waterloo Service Centre, 265 Lexington Crt, WATERLOO ON N2J 4A8

📱 519-886-2310 | TTY: 1-866-786-3941

📧 Email: stewardship@waterloo.ca

🌐 waterloo.ca/EarthDay

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