Le Prix in Downtown Kitchener was Featured by WRX Property Group

Le Prix in Downtown Kitchener was Featured by WRX Property Group

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Le Prix Fashion & Consulting is a clothing store and fashion consulting service in Downtown Kitchener. It started in 2012, initially as an online store, and has grown to include a full downtown storefront, along with several pop-up shops around the city.

Robyn brings in clothing and accessories from all over the world to feature in her shop. It’s possible to order online from anywhere, however, she says the magic is when you get to see it in person.

Those who come to the store always have first dibs on the newest items. There is the benefit of being able to see and try on the clothing, and of course, Robyn is there to lend her expertise as a fashion consultant.



She is an advocate for style as well as sustainability. Le Prix features sustainably made clothing and zero waste products, while also encouraging environmentally conscious shopping.

Le Prix recently started taking on clothing donations and has implemented a vintage bin that acts as an ongoing clothing swap.

Minimizing waste is an increasingly important aspect of any industry, and consumers are also turning toward more responsible shopping.

Indeed, downtown Kitchener itself has made great strides toward environmental friendliness. Localized amenities, pedestrian-centred designs, and community events are some of the primary examples.

Robyn is tuned into that, and as a proud member of the downtown community, she is here to create an excellent blend of elegance and sustainability.

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