#LePrixTravels To Curate Sustainable European Fashion

#LePrixTravels To Curate Sustainable European Fashion

#leprixtravels again! I'll be out of the office from August 1 - 18th.

You can still shop online while I'm away if you JUST. GOTTA. HAVE. ALL. THE. THINGS. I’ve already been given tips by my in-laws for places to shop for Le Prix in Belarus and I’m excited to see what I find in Croatia!

Get the Ralph Lauren linen shirt in yellow like mine in the travel photo by 💛 $33 Size S/M


I’ll be trying to share lots of my travels since I’ve had lots of you say how excited you are to see my adventures. I will also be trying to get some downtime, so I will be just posting and not responding much to messages until I’m back.

I will be sure to give you a blog post on what I packed once I am back because I like to make sure I brought everything I needed and make note of what I had to get while I was away.

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