Men’s Fashion Styling Session in Kitchener Waterloo

Some things my client said during this 3-hour session:

💬 Everything fits! 🙌
💬 Usually I buy a medium but it doesn’t always fit (this is when I said it’s all about the measurements!)
💬 Love the color combos
💬 I feel like they’d go with my current pieces in my wardrobe I brought
💬 I love all the outfits I got but I also feel like I learned a lot
💬 I can see why you said we would need 3 hours, it goes fast.

Often my clients don’t want photos and videos of them of their session and I absolutely respect that. Other things not shown here:

👉 I asked him to bring pieces from his wardrobe that he likes, wants to style, or doesn’t like that we can work with so we can maximize what he owns and help him to have pieces he can wear for a while. It had been about 4 years since he last shopped. This is a lovely reminder that loved clothes last!

👉 We had a rolling suitcase and a duffel bag of his of pieces we brought around with us.

👉 I styled the looks together and he came out loving each and every one of them. We took photos on his phone so he could remember the combinations.

👉 Only 2 items were a no for an entire pile of try-ons since one was the same style in a different size and one was more relaxed than he wanted.

👉 I planned our itinerary for him to be most efficient with our session, and had a mix of second-hand and new stores planned to meet his needs.

All my styling services are completely customized to you, and can be for anyone and any body. If you’re curious about working with me, I’d love to hear from you. 🥰

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