Quarantine Self Care Guide

Quarantine Self Care Guide

With all of these upcoming and set rules, many of us are feeling trapped in our houses, our thoughts, and our routines. Each of our situations may be different, but we are definitely feeling the same way. As time is our enemy and friend, let's make the best of this situation and use our time wisely to grow our confidence and knowledge in the world we live in today. Whether you are off-work or working, here are some items that can help to boost your confidence, teach yourself about Mother Nature's elements and strengthen your self love. 

The basic idea of self care with a spa night is always a good way to feel relaxed and rejuvenated. With a simple facial routine and the inclusion of these eco-friendly and sustainable products, you will be able to acquire your vibrance allowing you to feel more calm and confident. 

Mystic Rain Facial Oil Elixir - Moisturizing ($34)

Nourish your skin to combat dullness during quarantine to make yourself shine. 

Lunar Ritual Under Eye Oil

Lunar Ritual Under Eye Oil ($25)

Look restful even if you aren't, with the natural elements of Mother Nature. 

Velvet Glow Facial Oil Elixir - Radiance Boosting

Velvet Glow Facial Oil Elixir - Radiance Boosting

Let's stay glowing and hydrated to be ready for when there are better days.

Zero Waste Organic Beeswax Lip Balm

Zero Waste Organic Beeswax Lip Balm - Local, Handmade & Compostable ($8)

Nothing a little lip balm can't fix. Be confident with moisturized lips. 

Green Wicker Spa Gift Pack

Green Wicker Spa Gift Pack ($29)

To relieve your muscles and stresses from the day, baths are always a nice way to settle into the night. With these sustainable items and packages, it would allow your senses to experience the natural effects that Mother Nature has on your body. This spa gift pack which contains Beeswax Tealights, a Lotion Bar, a Scrunchie and a Bath Salt Sampler. All products are waste-free and sustainable. 

Spa Bath Himalayan and Epsom salts with Dried Flowers & Essential Oils - Locally Made ($25)

Enrich your body with essential oils on your essential nights. 

Natural Handmade Assorted Spa Shower Steamer Melts - 4 Pack ($23)

Take a quick shower and look forward to a relaxing and calm night. 

Just remember the feelings we experience during quarantine are valid, and we are here to help connect you with our products to help create a connection closer to improving Mother Nature and our self-love.

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