Repair Your Pieces Before You Toss Them

Repair Your Pieces Before You Toss Them

Repairing the things you already have is underrated. How often do you think it’s “not perfect” so it’s no good? Or a button is missing, so I won’t be wearing that.

I’ve heard people beyond excited when they realized the de-pillers we have will revive their pilled jackets, sweaters, leggings, sofas, pillows… you name it.


I am still planning on implementing a button bank to solve the issue of missing one button.


From listening to you, I realized that something as small as missing an earring back can stop you from wearing your favourite earrings. Are you trading earring backs with others that you have? I’ve been there too.


The littlest things can make something brand new again. These $0.50 earring backs come in gold and silver-tone metal and will help you rock your favourite earrings. Since I’m not wearing lipstick due to wearing masks out in public (which I miss dearly), I have been having fun with my earrings.


Shop the replacement earring backs and de-pillers. And I hope this inspired you to repair something you have at home to make it new-to-you again.

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