Revive & Hydrate Winter Skin

Revive & Hydrate Winter Skin

Apparently our products really stand out for how they perform. My massage therapist told me how soft my skin was compared to her other clients. 😆 And my husband says I smell like a spa after I massage in my moisturizer. 🧖‍♀️

Our vanilla and cedarwood body whip is a luxurious blend of moisturizing oils and butters, whipped to a smooth, creamy consistency.

This blend of shea butter, cocoa butter, meadowfoam, avocado and coconut oils absorb and lock moisture into your skin without leaving you feeling greasy. Perfect for dry, cracked hands or use all over — a little goes a long way.

And 's lip balm forms a protective layer & locks in moisture. I like to scrape a good amount on my nail and soothe it over my lips to keep the flaky lips at bay.

Take time to show yourself some loving kindness and care. You deserve it.

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