Must-Haves for Warm Winter Style During the Polar Vortex

Must-Haves for Warm Winter Style During the Polar Vortex

I am Canadian which means it's part of my culture to expect a long and cold Winter. But I refuse to accept that I have to be freezing or look like the Michelin Man all bundled up to stay warm. 

It's easy to bundle up at home and wear all your comfy clothes, but when you need to leave the house, especially for work, or a date, or friends, who wants to look frumpy and all bulky? Not me - no thanks. The polar vortex is about to strike again and if you can recall back to 2015, IT. WAS. CHILLY! Layers under your coat matter just as much as your winter coat.

Enter wool pieces. 

I have sensitive skin and here are a few tips about picking the right wool pieces for you:

1. The higher the quality of the wool, the less itchy and scratchy it is

2. You can layer under wool to keep your skin protected

3. Wool blends may help you if you are more warm-blooded

4. Merino wool is amazing: thinner, softer, antimicrobial, moisture-wicking and regulates body temperature

Am I helping you get a picture of why this sustainable natural fabric is so amazing especially in Winter? Heck, I even brought my merino wool hiking socks with me to Costa Rica. My feet were comfy and cool. 

Other great fabrics include cashmere and angora which are OHHHH SO SOFT. It's a dream. So now that I've talked a bit about the perks of warm fabrics, I'll share some of my favourite shoppable sweaters, blazers, hats, and fashion items at Le Prix.


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