We're Celebrating 10 Years of Our Social Enterprise!

Robyn Hobbs

How has it been 10 years since I started Le Prix!? 

Honestly, I have no idea. It started out as a Summer passion project when a job fell through, and I had talked about styling and re-selling preloved pieces for over a year. I honestly didn’t think about it long term.

I always wanted to work in Corporate Social Responsibility with my passion for environmentalism. But those jobs didn’t exist, especially where I wanted to live and with the ethics that I stand for.

I have been overjoyed by your relentless support I’ve received and our community over this decade. Le Prix is part of me and it’s been so rewarding to welcome amazing people to our team who have the same passion for style, sustainability and self-love.

We have had numerous mentorships to help youth experience the field of sustainable fashion. I find this especially important since I am providing experience they cannot find anywhere else locally.

I can't even count how many pop-up shops we did before we opened our boutique. With opening our storefront only a few months before the pandemic, it has felt like an entire lifetime and accomplishment to still be here (in a bigger and better location) 2+ years later.

I could go on forever about the adventures, trials, wins and hurdles from the last 10 years. But I’ll save those fun stories for when we get to connect in-person. Especially as a woman in business, there's been a unique set of challenges. Did you know that only 15.6% of all small and medium enterprises (SMEs) are women owned? And that is a BIG jump up from the 8% when I started out.

That's the main driver as to why we've partnered with over 15 small female-owned sustainable businesses. And we always prioritize work-life balance. And with that 3 of our brands moved to sell exclusively through us!

To celebrate our 10 years right now, we are having a week of fun promos and giveaways. Starting off with 4 days of 30% off all Le Prix Fashion & Consulting items (that means anything that are our pre-loved fashion items, accessories, and the fun things I’ve created like positive affirmation cards, and junk mail box magnets). 

We have a collection put together to take out the guesswork (but you’ll also see your discount applied at checkout online or can ask us in-store). Use promo code “LEPRIXIS10” at checkout (valid April 28 - May 1).

As for a celebration like we’ve done in past years, I’ll wait until I am back from vacation, rejuvenated and the weather is more reliable for a celebration worthy of 10 years of Le Prix. So stay tuned! And let us know what you’d love to see for our 10th anniversary party in the comments.

Thanks for helping us make the world a better place, diverting 2.6+ tonnes of fashion waste from landfills and helping tackle the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals, we couldn’t do it without you.

So many big bear hugs to you and a happy dance!!!

xoxo Robyn



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