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What to Pack for a Cottage Trip

Summer for most of us means escaping the city to a cottage. On top of what to bring, there is some basic cottage etiquette to consider if you're a guest.

1. Bring an Offering - your hosts are putting in effort to have you, feed you, maybe boat you around (gas isn't cheap). A token of appreciation is always nice to thank your friends for a wonderful cottage visit. I'm a firm believer that a little cute accessory gift goes a long way. Stuck on some ideas? Here are a few that go perfectly with rustic outdoorsy style.


2. Try Some Fun Recipes - When else do you have time to relax, enjoy food, practice living the hygge life? There are endless options on Pinterest or mouth watering tried-and-true Cottage Cotting dishes from the Food Network. Sharing a meal is one of the oldest ways of building community. Where people are happy to put aside their work and take time out of their day.


3. Work (But a Different Kind) - A cottage always takes some upkeep. Why not help out your host (or if it's your place, you're kind of stuck anyway) and do some tasks that need to be done. But this isn't the work week, it can be fun. Like chopping wood (hello workout), painting the cottage, and making meals (see number 2). It's a cottage, not a resort. It's fun to be in the laid-back simplified lifestyle and working together as a team.


4. Read - This is something I am getting back into. I needed something to read... for pure enjoyment. Not for school, not for business, for me. And I am so glad I'm getting back into it. I checked out my local library and had four amazing books I was excited to read. Yay for free books and an environmental sharing economy. My favourite spot to read is lazily swaying in the sunshine on a hammock. 


5. Arrive Prepared - This includes all types of weather, activities, and all things outdoorsy. Check the weather before the day before you depart so you can really be prepared. I am now a notorious light-packer. People hire me for whatever trip they are going on to keep their packing as light and as versatile as possible. My mom was asking me what I packed and she said I was Mary Poppins for having this list of items all fit into the pink tote bag pictured below.


What to Pack

  • 1 Towel 
  • 2 Swim Suits + 2 Swim Tops (for sun protection) + 1 Cover-Up
  • 4 Sports Bras
  • 2 T-Shirts +3 Tank Tops + 1 Workout T-shirt
  • 1 Sweater + 1 Long-Sleeve Top
  • 1 Pair Sweatpants + 1 Pair PJ Shorts
  • 1 Denim Shorts + 1 Moisture Wicking Short + 1 Running Short
  • 2 Dresses
  • 1 Scarf + 1 Rain Coat
  • 1 Sun Hat
  • 1 Pair Running Shoes + 1 Pair Boots + 1 Pair Moccasins (as slippers) + Wear 1 Pair Sandals to the Cottage
  • Sunscreen + Bug Spray + Any Other Essential Toiletries

I hope this checklist for what to expect at a cottage and what to pack covers all your bases and with any luck, you’ll get invited back. 


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