Why I Shop Second Hand

Robyn Hobbs

There are many benefits as to why I prefer to shop second hand. One of the main reasons is the positive impact shopping second hand has on the environment. It decreases the negative impact on the environment. The production of cotton clothes consumes a lot of water and energy and by buying second hand, there is a decrease in demand for new items. If there is less demand then there is less pressure on manufacturers to produce items in large quantities. I also prefer shopping second hand because if we did not have the option to buy re-sale, most of the clothing and items that are being sold in second hand stores would end up in a land fill. Shopping second hand gives us a chance to give clothing a second life. Shopping second hand also gives me the chance to find one of a kind, unique items that are sold much lower than their original price. The chances of finding two of the same item in the same thrift store or other thrift store are slim to none. 

By shopping second hand I am also saving resources which has great positive impacts on the environment. Instead of buying a new shirt or pair of pants that consumes resources to make it and distribute it to a store I would rather buy used clothing that does not use up any more new resources. Because of this, wearing pre-loved clothing has such a positive impact on the environment and is a great way for me and anyone else to reduce their environmental impact. Shopping second hand clothing helps reduce carbon emissions and on top of saving resources and it also saves water and energy consumption. Buying second hand clothing is great for the environment but it is also great for your wallet.

Fashion brands put out new cheap clothing that impacts the environment but if more people purchase second hand clothing these fast fashion companies would change their ways of doing things to be more environmentally friendly and more sustainable.  

Another added benefit to shopping second hand clothing is that it is also cheaper. By shopping second hand I have found great, unique pieces of clothing for much cheaper than retail price. 

I also prefer to buy second hand clothing because clothing from second hand stores have already been washed, usually several times. Because of that it is easier to determine the quality of the garment. It makes it easier to spot any weaknesses or problem areas. Because it has also been washed multiple times that means that most of the shrinkage has already happened and whatever I am trying on is what I will get and it will not shrink significantly when I wash it. 

- Kamar Al Hosin 

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