Why What You Wear to Work Matters

Why What You Wear to Work Matters

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I hear it time and time again, people and especially women who doubt their abilities. Whether they've been hired and surprised they were selected (it's because you're qualified and amazing!), or feel like they aren't ready for the jump, I want to be here to tell you:


and I am here to help you look your best

so you can go out and slay at work.

As a stylist and sustainable retailer, I have a rainbow array of reasons why clients come shop and hire me through Le Prix. And to be clear, I style women and men.

What it comes down to is this... listen clearly... you have lost sight of how amazing you are. 

Dressing the part for your job works two-fold.

People will see you as a peer or leader who takes pride in yourself and how you conduct yourself. AND - you will feel empowered and confident and carry yourself with strength and the belief that you can do anything (it's because you can). 

Work clothes don't have to be boring.

You can still feel like you're expressing yourself within your work dress code. I know what I'm talking about because I've spoken at events about how to dress for work, people hire me to style their wardrobes for everyday, work, and special events, and I style people for photoshoots and publications. 

Believe me yet?

Beauty is all about your own belief of yourself, and embracing what you've got.

So if you're wearing something you feel is frumpy or blah, you're going to feel exactly that. Don't you want to be wearing something that you feel makes you feel polished, stand taller, and beautiful? This will help you negotiate a better raise or starting pay (if you're not asking for that, you should be). It will help you be assertive in meetings and have your awesome ideas heard. Dressing well will have your bosses, and their bosses notice. No word of a lie I have had clients I've styled for work be coined as the well dressed person in the office, and start a wave of other people putting effort into their aesthetic. It's an easy way to show effort in your desire to grow professionally. 

If you want to learn more, please comment below, contact me, or

watch my talk (below) at Wilfrid Laurier University about How To Dress Like a Boss.

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