Why You Should Take Care of Your Clothes

Why You Should Take Care of Your Clothes


“Double Le Prix today!” – Kaitlin​

Kaitlin has been a Le Prix cheerleader since we met in 2013 in graduate school (yay! Enviro women). I cannot be more grateful for the support and enthusiasm for sustainable fashion and self-love she’s shown. ✨🥰

I love when a new piece from Le Prix goes with an old favourite. This is the essence of finding new ways to feel inspired by what you have, which helps you keep (and take care of) what you have for longer.

By extending the life of clothing by just 9 months reduces carbon, waste and water footprints by 20-30% each (thanks Fashion Revolution for that stat).

Last night I did an IG LIVE chat about Le Prix and sustainable fashion with Apollo Digital Marketing and we chatted about style (of course). I was wearing a dress I’ve had for years. YEARS! And I’ve brought it travelling around the world with me. And I got it second-hand. Plus its 100% silk. So when you think delicate fabrics are hard to keep lasting long, or clothes aren’t going to last you long, think again.

Sustainable fashion starts in your choices, closet and laundry. 🧺

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