10" Taper 100% Beeswax Candles - Ivory White

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10" Taper 100% Beeswax Candles - Ivory White
10" Taper 100% Beeswax Candles - Ivory White
10" Taper 100% Beeswax Candles - Ivory White
10" Taper 100% Beeswax Candles - Ivory White

The quintessence of beeswax, these taper candles are made of premium naturally filtered ivory white beeswax. Natural clay and charcoal are used in the filtering of this wax in order to remove the yellow pollen coloring present in regular beeswax. 

These tapers burn drip-free with a clear steady flame. Subtle, naturally present, nectar scent.

Due to the nature of this beeswax, the ivory white hues can vary from batch to batch. 

See the "Care" page for tips on properly extinguishing a taper candle flame.

An ivory-white taper candle will burn upwards of 10 hours.

Size: 10 inches in length and come in pairs.

Benefits of Beeswax Candles:

  • Neutralizing pollutants - burning beeswax candles produce negative ions which help to neutralize pollutants in the air. They help to eliminate dust, odors, and mold in the air, improving breathing and easing allergy and asthma symptoms.
  • Lower toxicity - these candles are 100% beeswax and therefore do not produce toxic byproducts and heavy soot when burned.
  • Relaxation - the delicately natural smell of beeswax candles can aid in relaxation.

Care: Make sure to trim your wicks for the ultimate clean burn and never leave candles unattended. 

The ivory white beeswax is sourced from the USA. It’s a very difficult wax to produce and often times the beeswax renderer will use bleaching chemicals which leaves an unsavoury scent in the wax. That does not fit our quality standards. So we choose only the highest quality natural beeswax for you.

Handmade in Kitchener, ON ♥ Sustainable + Ethical

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