4 Things to Know About the Athleisure Trend

4 Things to Know About the Athleisure Trend

 Now that it's 2018, the usual New Years Resolutions include living a healthier life or treating yourself better. Since lots of clients at Le Prix are looking for cute yet comfortable everyday wear, I would give you some tips on how to look cute with the Athleisure trend.

There are a lot of "do this", "don't do that", and I'll give you some essential tips, but most importantly, you have to feel good in what you're wearing.

1. You Don't Have to Break The Bank

Just like any other style, you can find awesome Athleisure items second-hand. Whether it's running shoes, leggings, or a cute bomber coat, you can find pieces second-hand. Check out our awesome new Athleisure collection here.

2. Make Sure They are Functional Too

We don't want the fabric to go see-though when you're bending over. Make sure it's performance worthy fabrics. These fabrics have plenty of other perks such as quick drying, odor resistant, and moisture wicking.

3. Pick Suitable Accessories 

I'm guessing you've seen photos of celebrities or influencers caught walking down the street and lots of things in common... they are a bit more utilitarian and structured. Think mirrored sunglasses, a leather jacket, or a watch-like Fit-Bit.

4. Neutrals are Fail-Proof

When you're new to any style, it's always easier to start slow and simply as you get more comfortable and confident with it. It's hard when you jump in with really bold pieces. Stick to monochromatic looks with grey, navy, or black and pair with a pretty colour. You can add in prints and more vibrant colours as you feel more adventurous.


Hope this helps you find your own style within the Athleisure trend. And if you're still not sure, you can always send us a Message or book a stylist

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