6 Reasons Why You Should Practice Self-Care

6 Reasons Why You Should Practice Self-Care

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To be honest, I knew how to treat myself well like working out and eating well (most of the time), but it wasn't until I got really sick a handful of years ago and hospitalized that I had a wake-up call. You really don't have anything if you don't have your health. Any of your plans, goals, or projects won't be going anywhere if you can't give them your 100%. This is where practicing self-care comes in. Not convinced? Well here are some of the many reasons why self-care is key that I can personally vouch for:

1. You'll sleep better.

A quiet mind means you can fall asleep quicker and you won't be having those crazy stressful and scary dreams. Self-care relaxes the mind so you can sleep more deeply and allow your body to do the healing it's supposed to do at night.

2. Your skin will glow.

Oh boy, my skin looked really, really dull when I was stressed. No matter how much I tried and used great products, it was dry, and just plain blah. If you take care of yourself (and listen to #1) you're going to notice such a difference. You'll feel like you can take a #nomakeupselfie every day, and you'll stop hearing, "you look tired".

3. Your hair will grow.

I can't say how many times people have said, "wow your hair got so long so fast" as if it was overnight. Just 4 months after finishing my Master's degree (aka being stressed out of my mind), it felt like my hair started growing exponentially and people noticed.

4. Your fitness goals will be easier to attain.

Stress doesn't do you any good when you are trying to reach fitness goals. When you are stressed, the stress hormone cortisol increases your appetite, cravings for junk food, and makes it easier to accumulate belly fat.

5. You'll feel more emotionally balanced.

Whew, this one is a goodie. When you take care of yourself, you'll feel like you can think more clearly, you'll be less sensitive to comments that may not otherwise bother you, and you won't feel like you have a short fuse. Pretty much you'll feel much more emotionally stable.

6. You won't get sick as often.

Who likes being sick? You never know how much you appreciate your health until it's gone. Stress suppresses your immune system which makes it easier to get sick and cause you to fight off illness longer.


This was supposed to be short and sweet (but there are many more reasons I am sure you can even list), but I think you get the point as to why practicing self-care is key. Let me know how you practice self-care.

Sending health, hugs, and smiles your way this year.

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