Hi everyone, today I'm writing about my experience and bit about what I have learned while working here at Le Prix. Co-op was honestly a very fun and informative experience for me. I mainly took it as a was genuinely confused about what part of business I wanted to work in. But in the end, I definitely do not regret taking this experience at all. It really helped me realize that marketing is the path I want to go into. But all that aside, lets get into some things I've learned while working at Le Prix.

All The Lessons

My Experience And What I Have Learned

My experience was definitely amazing. It's something that I will look back on in the future. I have had a lot of experience learning about marketing and more in depth about what it entails. My main goal going in to this was to try and get experience for how marketing works. Another reason why I took this was to see if this was the part of business I want to work in. But other than that, my time being here helped me improve on my communication skills, photography skills and creative writing skills. Not to mention my fashion skills (haha).

I have also learned a lot about sustainable fashion and how important it is. I have been more interested in thrift shopping and will definitely do more of it. Also it helped me to step out of my comfort zone and try out different styles I really liked but didn't know whether or not it would suite me. Lastly, it sparked my interest in fashion even more. I have always had a thing for fashion but I never really did much with it. Getting to work with fashion was great and something I liked. 


Over these past couple of months it's truly been a great learning experience and fun time. I must say a big thanks to Robyn Hobbs the owner of Le Prix. She is an amazing person to work with. She is such a genuine and kind person. I would definitely suggest her if you want some more experience in marketing. Once again thank you for this amazing experience and good luck in the future!

Wishing Le Prix the best of luck!



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