Cheers to the Moms

This year it dawned on me to have a photo shoot for Le Prix to celebrate mom's. So of course I asked my mom who is a die-hard Le Prix lover and client. She's always so much fun and loves to play with fashion. Her friend Linda (now also a client) tagged along for the shoot and decided to be a part of it too when I asked if she wanted to model. I must say, I loved how they both came ready for the shoot kind of twinning and Linda was even wearing one of her Le Prix necklaces.
Le Prix mom models
So I started out getting them comfortable in front of the camera, which didn't take long. Le Prix is all about making people feel comfortable in their own skin and having fun. I picked a variety of looks from glam to casual because mom's (and everyone else) deserve to look and feel beautiful and also they want to be comfortable.
Le Prix dress
The first look for Linda was a cute color-blocked dress that can be worn with sandals or dressed up. All the pieces in this look have already been sold! Which happens a lot when I style an entire look. But you can shop the rest of the looks below.
Le Prix summer dress
This dress has a pretty plunge front and black neckline. Again, it's perfect for dressing up or down. It's a trend to want to have versatile pieces you won't just wear once. I paired it with punchy red shoes and a bold necklace for some colour. I love how sexy the strappy wedges are.

Le Prix Party outfit
Le Prix party outfit
Sometimes people are drawn to textures, and this faux fur jacket was something that both my mom Pam and Linda kept touching. I always try to work with people's preferred style so they don't feel too out of their element. This great Little Black Dress has sheer panels and perfect form-fitting style. I loved pairing it with a vintage style statement necklace.
Le Prix party dress
party dress Le Prix
This bodycon dress is to die for. It's full of stretch and helps keep your shape smooth and curvy. I love pairing dresses that are bold with a statement earring, but still neutral like this gold dangle earring and a neutral bronze leather lace up heel. There is something about a red dress that makes you feel like a bombshell.
casual outfit le prix
So after these ladies felt like the beauties they are, I decided to go a bit more casual. I love pairing a dress that's comfy with a fun necklace and a comfy (but still cute) shoe.
summer dress le prix
Depending on your comfort of necklines or thinner straps, you can always layer with a dress. I paired this chevron dress with a knit t-shirt on Linda, layered with a gold statement necklace. She ended up buying the dress and flats, so those pieces already found a new happy home. 
summer a-line dress le prix
I love a classic fit and flare dress. They are universally flattering, and they give comfort and movement since they aren't fitted on the bottom. My mom looked happy and playful with an edgy bronze necklace and fun slide-on sneakers.
One of the perks of shopping at Le Prix is that I am also a stylist, so I can help you put together amazing outfits, and help you envision how you could wear pieces. This silk dress is no different. It can be anything, just depends on what you're looking for.
summer outfits le prix
In the end, we all had so much fun. I wanted to have more candid moments and I am so happy I got them. If you could have been a fly on the wall, you would have heard so many giggles and laughs. I'm not going to lie, lots of the shots ended up blurry since they were laughing so much. Life's moments should be enjoyed and we all wouldn't be here without mom's. Style and beauty is ageless, and women are so powerful and strong. It blows my mind. Sending all my love, support, and empowerment to all you amazing women out there. Love you mom.

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