Eastern Europe Shopping Trip: Part 2 - Hungary

Eastern Europe Shopping Trip: Part 2 - Hungary



Budapest, Hungary

We loved walking up to one of the Budapest (pronounces Boo-da-PESHT) lookouts where you can see the Hungarian Parliament in the background. Budapest so far has been the only city where we extended our stay because we were so in love with it.

We explored Fisherman's Bastion night to see the city view from the top. Never once did I feel uncomfortable walking around at night. To be honest, I could roam the streets forever there. So much to do and see.


After lots of exploring, we needed a day to relax and unwind. The Szechenyi Baths will forever hold a spot in my heart. We felt revived after a day of enjoying their 18 pools and 10 sauna and steam rooms. Definitely a must-see if you're ever in Budapest.


I don't think we captured any photos when we went out, we were too busy having fun. So I'm posting a few photos from the Trip Advisor page. But we found this amazing places called Szimpla Kert - it's a ruin bar. Literally a building in ruins and they take the character of the building and run with it. Different rooms had different music, different floors had different bars specializing in certain drinks and even different types of food. We loved the tasty langos (pronounced lawn-gogh-sh) - which is pretty much a savory Beaver Tail. Simply it's deep friend dough with toppings. 

This trip was a whirlwind. Somehow we have managed to stumble upon everything we need to see. My mind was ready to see new things but my body was tired! It's funny how when some things aren't timed right your whole plan can be shifted but somehow turn out better than it would have otherwise. There were some times when I felt like everything went wrong, bad day, lost camera, metro fine, sat on a pin and broke my purse. But then somehow so much good happens. Random acts of kindness of people, huge train ticket discount and amazing hostel deals.

Budapest, you really won me over.

Robyn Le prix

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